Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Enchiladas

As my giant stack of boxes dwindled to just a few stranglers, I was able to squeeze in some cooking. We tried a couple new recipes such as Chicken Nuggets and remade a few we love such as Chicken Enchiladas. Check out below for the pictures, recipe links, changes we made, and reactions!

These Weelicious Chicken Nuggets were a huge hit with O (my son).  The only change made to the recipe was using some Everyday Essentials bread crumbs instead of Panko. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out! When I  made the mixture and started forming the little nuggets – I was a bit concerned that they’d crunch up and work out. I had nothing to be worried about! These would be crunchier with the Panko instead of the off-brand, but that’s what we had on hand so I made it work. Next time (and there WILL be a next time), I’ll get the good stuff and see if it has a better texture.

These enchiladas are so darn easy, that I have been making them for a couple months now. I’ve tweaked the recipe a tiny bit from the original in order to fit our tastes / needs by switching the cheddar cheese to low-moisture mozzarella. Everything else is the same! I also split it into two batches – one to eat for lunch that day, the other to freeze for the next week. We like to put some non-fat yogurt on top and a huge handful of shredded lettuce. I eat one enchilada for lunch, P eats two – so there’s usually two leftover for dinner later or lunch the next day. This recipe really does go far!



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