The rumbling of the track is coupled with the feeling of slight vibrations. It is almost unnoticeable, until that loud horn cuts through the air and startles the life out of anything unprepared. I have spoken with my partner about that horn and the ears violated by its obtrusiveness. It was brought to my attention that most people act as if the horn isn’t blaring. We’ve witnessed this, and it holds true. The train passes, people are filling up their tanks at a gas station. The engineer sounds the alarm before passing through an intersection, the people ignore it and go about their task as if their ears aren’t bleeding. It is one of those sounds that we have become accustomed to and ignore because we deem it normal. Of course, someone not familiar with trains would react noticeably to the intense sound traveling into their ear canals such a short distance away. And, I do mean short. We are railside, far enough away to enjoy the view but close enough that we could toss a rock at the beast.

I’ve always enjoyed the sounds and sights of the trains. Perhaps it was growing up in an area where trains passed by daily and I was able to enjoy the commotion from afar. Here, though, I look out any of my windows and I am looking at the railway. Every few minutes a train passes or stops on the three tracks. I enjoy it thoroughly. Although, I do wonder if the magic will wear off over time. That’s what this blog will serve to document. Our life railside. We downsized and moved here for a positive change in our quality of life. We came from a community full of rule-breaking and rude sub-humans to join the ranks of the small railside cul-de-sac. Thus far, the experience has been fantastic – let’s see if we can continue on that path.


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